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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Mom had so many problems with her chemotherapy over the course of her treatment I don't know where to begin.she became allergic to the first batch of drugs which caused her an emergency stay in HDU...she ended up getting a dose of that MRSA and not to mention the sickness she endured after she had it... Today I am going to include an excerpt from her diary which deals with one of these little mishaps..

"Went back Mon 17th August for Chemo on the 18th Anne had arranged for Maura to bring me and Sharon to Collect me.  When I arrived for the Chemo it transpired that I hadn't been given the medication to take beforehand.  I was absolutely devastated and frustrated...I gave out hell to the nurse.  Anyway went back the next day and received it on Wednesday 19th.  It went OK.    Here I am back down in Wexford, I sit on the caravan steps as I write this in glorious sunshine".

Basically what she was saying in this was on the 17th she went to the hospital and they told her she was having chemo the next day...that would have been fine if they had of given her the pre-chemo drugs she was supposed to have 24 hours prior to having the chemo...she had mentally physicked herself out for chemo..its something she used to do.  It took so much out of her that she totally had to prepare herself for it so when she arrived to have  chemo and they had forgotten to give her the medication she was supposed to have she was totally pissed.

Todays Quote:                         Nature has given us one tongue and two ears.
                                      That we may hear from others twice as much as we speak.

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